The American Development Model (ADM) is a concerted effort between the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee and its 50 national governing bodies to apply long-term athletic development principles in order to guide parents and coaches as their players develop and mature. For over a decade, the USTA has been applying the principles of long-term athlete development within Player Development as well as in its delivery of youth programming. Now with Net Generation – Official Youth Tennis of the USTA – common objectives of curtailing early specialization, developing multi-sport athletes, and increasing youth physical activity are key priorities.


Designed to establish fun  and positive experiences for tennis players, the USTA’s ADM offers a comprehensive framework for providers, coaches, athletes, and parents. By growing friendships, improving skill, and maximizing the potential of players at all levels, this framework will improve the health and well-being of tennis participants and our sport for a lifetime.


The ultimate goal of ADM is to create positive experiences for American athletes at every level. By using ADM, clubs, coaches, and parents can help maximize the potential for all Americans, regardless of their ability, and improve the health and well-being for future generations in the United States.