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Satya Chelamkuri



Children: Viki, 9; Riki, 8

Photo of Satya Chelamkuri and family
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What makes tennis a special part of your life?

All four in our family are into tennis. I tried my hand at tennis as a teenager in India, stayed up late at night to watch Steffi Graf and Monica Seles matches (due to the time difference) and fed on any piece of information I could get on tennis stars of the day.


Much later, on the other side of the globe in Rochester, N.Y., my husband took up tennis as a stress-buster from long hours of residency training. Later, the kids arrived in Ann Arbor, Mich., and, as babies, tennis balls were one of their first toys.


As I took them to tennis classes, my interest in tennis rejuvenated, and I started playing with my kids and other moms. Tennis bonds our family together.


When did your kids start playing tennis?

Five years ago. They were three and four years old when they started holding racquets. It started with cheering at tennis matches and naturally rolled over into playing.


Why do you think it’s important for your children to play tennis?

Through tennis, we made lot of new friends, both adults and kids. It also helps with the kids’ behavior, as their days are filled with goals to achieve and celebrations when they are achieved!


What is your most memorable tennis moment?

The first time the kids could keep a rally going to a count of 145!


What has tennis taught you about yourself and your children?

We have learned to keep small goals and be consistent, playing at least four to five days a week. We saw that practice can make miracles.





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