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Heather Frantz



Children: Toby, 11; Eli, 6

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What makes tennis a special part of your life?

Tennis is the reason I met my husband. We spend a lot of time at the tennis courts, but there is also a lot of down time at tournaments, where we play cards or board games and spend time together. It has drawn our family together in many ways.


How long has your son been playing tennis? How did you/he start to play?

Toby started playing 2 1/2 years ago. His dad and I both played in college, and Toby thought since his family was really good at tennis, maybe he could be good, as well. His grandpa also plays tennis.


Why do you think it’s important for your son to play tennis, and why do you play yourself?

Tennis has all the aspects needed to succeed in life – physical, mental, tactical, technical. I believe that tennis is a sport that will help Toby deal with life issues. Life is a roller coaster. We must roll with the punches, pick ourselves up and continue fighting. In tennis, it is only you and your opponent on the court, and when things aren’t going your way and you feel down and out, you have to dig deep and keep fighting. It takes inner strength and determination.


What are some of Toby’s notable tennis accomplishments? What is your most memorable moment regarding him and the sport?

Toby is currently ranked No. 51 in Middle States. Watching my son make friends with his opponents, and seeing his character.


What has tennis taught you about your son?

I never realized how hard on himself he was. Tennis has been a great way for us to connect and talk about a variety of subjects. The time in the car we spend to/from tennis, whether a lesson or a tournament, has been a great opportunity for my son and me to spend time talking and laughing.


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