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Gabrielle Montgomery



Children: Robin, 13

Photo of Gabrielle Montgomery and daughter
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What makes tennis a special part of your life?

I grew up in a small resort town in Oregon, where we ski raced in the winter time and played tennis in the summer. Living in Washington, D.C. now, ski racing isn’t very feasible. So when Robin was about 4 years old, we went up to 16th and Kennedy Street, where the Citi Open is played, and started taking lessons.


In 2009, I heard about JTCC and took Robin to College Park for a lesson. This was the beginning of our tennis adventure. Soon after that lesson, Robin was part of the Geico Game On program, a member of the NJTL at College Park and a member of the Team Wilander Excellence Team by the time she was 7.


Over the course of the years, tennis became a very large part of our life. Our NJTL at College Park has become our extended family. Through the NJTL and the USTA Foundation NJTL Excellence Teams program, Robin has been able to participate in events at the US Open and at the National Campus in Orlando.


The tennis community has helped me raise a disciplined, well-rounded young lady. Tennis has provided a multitude of experiences and continues to push Robin to achieve her short-term and long-term goals. Robin has traveled to five different countries with the USTA, and the sport continues to open doors and pushes her to follow her dreams.


Tennis is the sport for our family and for Robin because it teaches problem-solving, discipline, time management and the ability to compete. It is a lifelong sport that keeps her surrounded by a positive, supportive and healthy community.  

Why do you think it’s important for Robin to play tennis?
Robin has learned many lifelong skills through tennis and will continue to learn many more as she continues on this journey. She must be a problem solver, have excellent sportsmanship and a growth mindset. Tennis teachers her time management, to be goal-oriented, and it gives her the ability to learn from her mistakes. The list goes on and on.


What are some of your daughter’s notable tennis accomplishments?

Robin has seven balls, her favorite two are gold balls – one from winning the 14 and Under Hard Court Championships when she was 12 years old, and the other from winning the 14 and Under Clay Court Doubles earlier that summer (in 2017).


Recently she enjoyed traveling with Team USA to England and France for Teen Tennis in Bolton, England, and Les Petits As in Tarbes, France. Robin was the doubles champion at Teen Tennis and a doubles finalist at Les Petits As. She has also traveled with Team USA to Mexico City to qualify for the World Junior Championships. Team USA qualified for the final and will travel to the Czech Republic in August for the event.


She also had great success at a Grade 1 ITF this April. She reached the quarterfinals, which helped her ITF ranking jump by 569 points. And she was selected to be the student speaker at the USTA Foundation’s 2017 Opening Night Gala at the US Open.


What is your most memorable tennis moment?

It is hard to choose one. My favorite moment is when she is truly free on the court and just playing her game. I don’t get to travel with her a lot, so I love to watch practice when I can. I am proud of her and happy when I hear that she is responsible on the road and makes good decisions.

What has tennis taught you about yourself? Robin?
Tennis is a long road, a marathon, an emotional roller coaster, so it is important to find balance. Tennis has taught me to enjoy life and everything in moderation. For Robin, it has truly helped shape her into the person she is today – a problem solver, organized, decision maker, confident, positive self-esteem. 

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