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Florida PE teachers ready to serve up fun after training on the essential elements of USTA School strategy


On August 3rd,  USTA Florida completed a district-wide workshop with 32 teachers from Seminole County, Florida.  The ability to reach and train PE teachers from a district level is central to the USTA School strategy as it allows for consistency and continuity of experience for teachers within the same school system.


The School Curricula covered represents the joint efforts of a partnership between the USTA and SHAPE America and each activity within each lesson is in line with the SHAPE America National Standards and Grade Level Outcomes for K-12 Education.  The teacher training is fun, fast-paced, and lasts for approximately three hours so all those PE teachers in attendance can receive credit towards their continuing education.


The goals of the workshop are for teachers to discover how to adapt any space for tennis using kid-friendly equipment, understand how to teach basic tennis skills, and become familiar with assets available through Net Generation to help students continue their tennis journey. 


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Little boy playing catch with tennis ball



New Hampshire PE teacher is the first to complete the Net Generation hat trick!


We want to share the love and say CONGRATULATIONS to the first PE teacher to complete their full Net Generation registration, including registering their School and connecting with a Community Partner. Nick Zeras, a PE teacher at Broken Ground Elementary School in New Hampshire, is setting the pace with Net Generation teachers and has been described by his students as “pretty much the man.”We look forward to supporting Nick and his students all the way!


Teachers who connect their school with a Community Partner are fully taking advantage of the opportunities afforded within Net Generation.  Schools that have a Community Partner receive an equipment kit with 30 21” racquets, 32 red felt balls, 2 rolls of barrier tape, a box of chalk, and a large roller bag. All are  Net Generation branded and all completely free of charge!  Additionally, the connection to a Community Partner helps grow the game by connecting PE students with a safe, approved tennis provider should they wish to continue their tennis journey outside of School.


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