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our mission

We’re here to welcome a new generation of players and help them usher in the next era of tennis. By working with coaches, schools and parents, and offering them the full support of the USTA, we are ready to break new ground on and off the court. The next generation of tennis starts with us.

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We believe in creating a positive and welcoming environment for players of all ages. By focusing on play, building character and championing individual challenges, we empower players to grow and develop at their own pace. It’s all about providing them the opportunity to enjoy tennis on their own terms.

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Net Generation is designed to suit players based on their skill level and their developmental readiness. This approach provides coaches the flexibility to modify lessons to better meet the needs of the player and facilitate development, making learning more fun.

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tools in development

We’re creating a suite of easy-to-use tools and features to support you in delivering the game. It will be available in 2018 as part of our ongoing effort to expand Net Generation.

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Provider Profiles

Your online profile page is where you can show your qualifications, expertise and experience. You can then easily share it in emails, texts and on social media. You’ll be able to add a personal touch by creating a profile promotional video to attract players to your program.

Program Management Center


Think of it as your digital assistant. You can use this tool to create your programs, as well as send homework, notifications and tips to your students.

Quick Messaging

Our messaging platform will enable you to easily communicate with parents, players and other coaches from one place.

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Joining is free for coaches, parents, schools, kids and teens. You'll get access to our suite of teaching and promotional tools, starter kits and swag, plus USTA discounts, event opportunities and Net Generation gear. Plus, you’ll benefit from national marketing campaigns and initiatives.



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