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All Net Generation Providers must adhere to Safe Play policies, all other USTA policies, and applicable external laws and regulations. Screening consists of a three-step process. Click here to watch a video tutorial on the process.

Step 1: Complete the online training module

You will be prompted to register on the US Olympic Committee's Team USA site. If you can’t complete the training at one time, you can return and continue using the account you created. The course takes up to 35 minutes to complete.

When you get to the Team USA Site:

1. Click to "Add bag"

2. Go to "Check Out"

3. Choose "Register"

4. Open the shopping cart and select "Check Out"

5. Go to "Activate" then "Launch Course"


Online training is required every two years and must be completed prior to completing the online background screen application.

Step 3:  Complete the Background Screening Application


1. Once you submit your application, the National Center for Safety Initiatives (NCSI) will generate the results in approximately 10 business days. Be sure to add to your accepted email domain list. Watch for an email from It will contain your NCSI Applicant ID number, which can be used to check the status of your application on NCSI’s site.

2. NCSI may contact you within the 10-day period to request more information. You can confirm the legitimacy of the request by checking your status on NCSI’s site using your Applicant ID number. Your status will note the same request for information. Please watch for emails from NCSI as they may end up in your spam folder.

3. When your screening is complete, you will receive a green or red light. You can check your status check your status. If you receive a red light, you will be notified by NCSI, and you will not be eligible to be certified by–or provide services for–the USTA.

For more information, read the complete USTA Background Screening Policy.

For questions about the background screening system, please contact:
The National Center for Safety Initiatives
Phone: (866) 833-7100 or Email:

For questions related to the USTA Safe Play Program, please contact: