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The Net Generation Mobile App provides you access to specialized on-court education tools and curriculum developed by leading coaches around the world. Our lesson plans are simple to understand and teach, and the program makes it fun to introduce tennis in your community. We have added even more curricula to the Net Generation Mobile App. Now you can find the relevant curriculum depending on your type of program: Coaching, Community, or Schools. With this app, Net Generation Safe Play Approved providers everywhere can take their practice and play plans on the go and on to the court.


Types of Curriculum

For Certified Coaches only - the coaching curriculum is a comprehensive, competency-based and collaborative suite of Practice and Play Plans from Pre-Rally to Red, Orange, and Green.


The Community, Red and Orange Curriculum encompass three levels of Practice and Play Plans. It is “Learn to Play” focused, designed to engage more players in the game of tennis. The program uses modified equipment to promote early success, with a focus on challenge, skills, and play.


The School Curriculum includes Practice and Play Plans for grades Kindergarten through 6. Across all grades, it truly recognizes the important role that physical education plays in introducing students to the game of tennis in their school. Through the collaborative effort between SHAPE America and the USTA, the Net Generation schools tennis program represents a standards-based comprehensive curriculum that all teachers can easily implement.


Curriculum Access and Features

USPTA and PTR Certified Coaches can access all three curricula including the build and assess features. Non-Certified Coaches can access the Community and Schools Curriculum. 


Key Features of the app include:

1. Curriculum, Lesson Plans, Skills, and Videos: All providers can view individual skills, pre-built lesson plans and videos relevant to their provider type.

2. Build Feature: Certified Coaches can customize and save lesson plans using the skills from the Coaching Curriculum. (These lesson plans cannot be shared with other providers at this time but can be accessed on your personal mobile device at any time. 

3. Assessment Tool: Certified Coaches can use the assessment tool to evaluate players and determine when to move players to the next level. A scale is included in the app to determine when players should move, and ultimately, this is up to the coach.


Top Ten FAQs


1. How do I download the Net Generation Mobile App?

The Mobile App will be available to download from your mobile device.

Google Play for Android:

App Store for iOS:


2. Is the mobile app free?

Yes, this app is absolutely free of cost.


3. Do I have to be a Safe Play Approved provider to access the app? 

Yes. Only Safe Play approved providers can get access to all the content on the mobile app. Certified coaches will have access to everything including the assessment tool, build tool and the coaching practice and play plans. Non-certified providers will have access to the school and community curriculum. Unapproved Safe Play providers will be able to see limited sample content.


4. When will the community and school curriculum be added to the app? 

Community and school curriculum was added to the mobile app in April. Only certified coaches will be able to access all three curriculum types.  All other providers will be able to only access the school and community curriculum.


5. Is it possible to print off plans from the net generation app? 

Plans cannot be printed or emailed to other users at this time but in the near future you will be able to send customized plans to other approved providers as well as have the ability to print them out. You can access the practice and play plans on the website in your curriculum center and you can print it from there.


6. How do I send an assessment to a player or parent from the mobile app?

You can use your phones native sharing utility to send the assessment. We recommend sending the assessment to yourself first and then you can write a short customized message to the parent/player along with the assessment and forward it to the parent’s email address.


7. When will I be able to send assessments directly to players through the app?

We will be introducing a player and parent experience on the mobile app in September. At that time players and parents will be able to digitally connect to providers through the mobile app. Once the provider accepts the connection they will be able to send assessments and feedback directly to their players. 


8. When will I be able to share customized lesson plans with other coaches?

At this time certified coaches are the only providers that can customize their lesson plans using the coaching curriculum. They are only able to view the lesson plans on their devices. By Summer 2018 coaches will be able to send customized lessons plans to other approved Net Generation providers.


9. I have a net generation tablet and cannot send the assessment to an email address?

If you have one of the Net Generation tablets you will first have to download an email app so that you can use the email functionality to send an assessment to either yourself or a parent or player.


10. Will there be a Net Generation Mobile App for players in the future?

Yes. We will be introducing a player and parent experience on the mobile app in September.