As a central part of thriving communities, teachers always look for new ways to bring subjects to life for students. With Net Generation, the USTA is committed to helping teachers introduce tennis in PE classes.

Net Generation encourages kids to become engaged and challenge themselves with a new standard of play. The easy-to-follow PE curricula help teachers shape the game for individuals, so they can advance at their own pace. More importantly, it uses tennis as a pathway to personal development beyond the court.



PE lesson plans under Net Generation were co-created by the USTA and SHAPE America, the leading body for setting physical education standards in the U.S. As a result, every activity within every single lesson meets SHAPE standards and current grade-level outcomes.

The easy-to-follow teaching tools make it easy to teach and play tennis in all school settings. Easily accessible manuals help teachers guide students at every stage of development.



We give you everything you need to start and maintain a school program:

·        Comprehensive, turnkey curricula created by the USTA & SHAPE America

·        A Net Generation welcome pack, including school manuals and apparel

·        For schools with a school partner: an equipment starter kit including racquets, balls, rolls of tape, chalk, and apparel for class leaders

·        Digital communications providing new program information, educational content, and support to build Net Generation in schools

·        A print or online suite of teaching materials to help build lessons and continue education

·        Free online training*

·        Free in-person training  

·        Free Net Generation Coaching App

·        A newsletter sharing best practices and success stories of Net Generation school programs


*Coming Soon