As a youth tennis coach, you introduce the game to the next generation of players. You teach and inspire them. You are the face of tennis in your community. And as the game's governing body, the USTA is committed to helping you grow your business. In order to add a coaching program to the Program Management Center, a provider has to be a certified tennis professional and a current member of the US Professional Tennis Association (USPTA), Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) or an international tennis governing the organization. 


A certified tennis professional has made a commitment to elevate their standards of teaching tennis by fulfilling tennis education requirements. For more information on how to get certified please contact USPTA or PTR.


Coaching programs under Net Generation focus on skills, challenge, local play, and social development. It has been designed to expand your programs, make your job easier, and provide recognition for your efforts; all at no cost!




The National Coaches Development Program, as a part of Net Generation, consists of player-based competencies for red, orange, and green ball progression, ideal for teaching kids at every level. It also includes coaching activities and drills at each of these levels. Program materials were developed by the USTA Community Tennis and Player Development teams, USPTA, PTR, and subject matter experts from the U.S. and international tennis communities. Net Generation supports you in delivering the highest-quality instruction.




Comprehensive curricula that are customizable and collaborative as well as a number of additional benefits:

·        Listing in Net Generation's searchable directory of local certified coaches  

·        Digital communications and support, including updates, tips, and guidance

·        A provider reward and recognition program*

·        Competition opportunities for coaches' registered players

·        Free participation in Net Generation training workshops

·        Free Net Generation Coaching App 

·        Program and promotional branding materials*

·        A Net Generation welcome pack, including coaching manuals and apparel

·        An opportunity to partner with local elementary schools


*Available in 2018