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  • Tennis players are more than excellent athletes. Did you know, over 80% of kids who play tennis will attend college as well as volunteer in their local communities?
  • Anyone of any age and ability can play tennis – at all stages of their lives.
  • Tennis provides an active community for all families where kids can improve their social skills.
  • Playing tennis is great exercise! Tennis players are almost always in motion, and use every muscle in their body, making it an excellent cardio option. 
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  • Racquets come in multiple sizes to best fit the player. Starting with 19” inch racquets for the smallest kids, players can transition from 21”, to 23”, then 25” and finally on to an adult sized racquets.
  • The tennis journey begins on smaller courts, using a red ball which are bigger and bounce lower than the standard yellow ball.
  • Orange balls travel through the air a little faster and farther than red,  but are the same size and still bounce lower than a yellow ball. Green balls have a slightly reduced bounce than the standard yellow ball making it easier to transition to a full-size court. 

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  • Tennis can be played anywhere! With a few racquets, balls, and any flat surface, you can create a bonding experience for the entire family!
  • Kids can get started by finding a local tennis professional where they learn from background screened coaches that have invested in their own coaching education.
  • By partnering with schools, kids can be introduced to tennis during their physical education classes as well as a variety of after-school tennis programs.


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  • Playing tennis might give kids the opportunity to go to college on a tennis scholarship.
  • There are more than 1,100 women’s programs and more than 900 men’s programs in five different divisions (NCAA Division I,II,III, NAIA and NJCAA) each with about 8-12 players per team.
  • Whether you’ve played before or are just picking up a racquet, USTA Tennis on Campus also provides an opportunity to play college tennis in a fun, social but competitive environment as a part of a school tennis club. 

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